Evan is a

  • University Violin teacher
  • Diploma Examiner
  • Eisteddfod Adjudicator
  • Internationally experienced Director of Strings
  • Celebrated Performer on TV, Recordings, Radio, Concerts
  • Specialist in talent research and development
  • Director of Elsley Ensembles P/L


UNSW Degrees, Diplomas

Universities, examining bodies and schools have their own quite different performance requirements and expectations. Evan has a vast experience from his university teaching, examining and performing employment to know exactly what is required with both international standards and academic culture. Evan is multilingual, has taught and performed in Europe and regularly travels to different countries to remain familiar with overseas standards and latest research.  


Tertiary Results;

  • University of NSW – B. Mus performance and education degree Recipients
  • AMEB Diplomas - multiple Recipients
  • Trinity Diplomas - Recipients
  • UWS – B. Mus early entry offer.
  • Australian Institute of Music - Placements
  • Sydney Conservatorium - HECS Scholarship recipient
  • Sydney Conservatorium - B. Mus early entry recipient
  • Sydney Conservatorium - B. Mus placements & offers