violin talent Evan ElsleyViolin talent

Evan is a

  • University Violin teacher
  • Diploma Examiner
  • Eisteddfod Adjudicator
  • Internationally experienced Director of Strings
  • Celebrated Performer on TV, Recordings, Radio, Concerts
  • Specialist in talent research and development
  • Director of Elsley Ensembles P/L


Latest Student News

14 year old LMuSA (Award with Distinction)

16 year old LMusA (Award)

The AMEB LMusA award is their most difficult performance exam, it has a national 'success rate of around 10% of candidates.' Wikipedia

City of Sydney 1st Prize Wenkart Foundation, 2nd Prize Alf and Pearl Memorial Instrumental award.

St George Eisteddfod Championship award.

Wollongong Eisteddfod the Jan Baxter Prize.

Music scholars at Sydney Grammar School, Newington College and PLC Croydon.

HSC Band 6's for Music 2 and Music 3

UNSW B Mus successful entry audition.

Professional Solo club bookings with G'DAY HOLLYWOOD


Evan teaches his competition winning students the most demanding technical works ever written for the Violin including Paganini, Wieniawski, Ernst, Ysaye, Tchaikowsky, Milstein, Bach, Bruch, Vieuxtemps.

Teaching the mind how to be a Violinist has never been previously explored or understood in the history of Violin pedagogy. In over 400 years, even the moment of co-ordination was never defined, everything was searched for at auditions. Evan Elsley's unique research has broken this code and demonstrated that techniques such as co-ordination, intonation, string crossing, timing, follow through bowing and virtuosic speeds are quickly mastered simply by using a defined thought process. Intuitive abilities that are searched for by Conservatoriums and famous teachers are taught by Evan to his students as definable techniques in this new Australian school of Violin playing.